Crittenden Co.and Marion Kentucky Coalition for a Drug-Free Community
Crittenden County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community


Crittenden Co. Coalition
for a Drug-Free Community
PO Box 22, Marion, KY 42064

24/hr 7day/week local helpline 

Pennyroyal Hotline

Department for Community 
Based Services in Marion, Ky.

Worksite Wellness Toolkit 

Worksite Wellness Toolkit now available as a free download
 Download the free - PDF toolkit here
Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Kentucky Chamber now offer the resources your company needs to start and maintain a cost-effective worksite wellness program - one that is customized to fit your particular needs. Click here to download
A Guide for Worksite Wellness.
  Medical Detox - If a loved one wants help, overdoses or is arrested, he/she will either detox in jail, without medical assistance, or in a hospital with personnel who are usually untrained to help with detox. He/she will likely suffer, perhaps unnecessarily, and could even die.

More Residential Treatment - Most often a residential program is 30 days and is grossly insufficient as well as a waste of time and money unless it is combined with local services. Residential treatment is a vital treatment requirement for those severely addicted. However, everyday in the state of Kentucky, we are short 300 treatment beds, meaning those who want or need help may wait weeks or months for help.

Assistance Programs - Coordination of assistance programs with mental health services and drug and alcohol treatment facilities to provide food, clothing, housing, and health care.

 More Funding to Local Facilities 

Write a Check Monthly and Help Someone Near You
A student - A friend - A Family Member - A Neighbor

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Crittenden County Coalition
PO Box 22, Marion, KY 42064


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