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EdTech Center Complex
200 Industrial Dr,
Marion, KY 42064



September 11, 2015

Crittenden Counseling provides the only drug and alcohol counseling and mental health services in our community.


Randa Simpson, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, works 2 1/2 days a week and is the only paid employee of the Counseling Center.

More than 90% of all expenses come from donations. The remainder of expenses are covered by Drug Court Treatment fees. Non-drug court clients pay just $10 per session.

Jennifer Harwood, licensed social worker, currently provides mental health counseling two days a month in our office. She bills most private insurance providers directly. However, she does not currently have the capability of billing Medicare and Medicaid.

Those clients will be seen so long as donations are available to subsidize these services. Ms. Harwood bills Crittenden County clients at one-half her regular billing rate.

All donations to Crittenden County Counseling are fully tax deductible.


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