Books by Thomas D. Diaz

"Tomas Stories" was written online free; it was written in "fast to load pages" and "18-point type" so it was easy to read.
 Tomas Stories is quite large with a lot of links that go to other pages; it spreads like a large tree.
With the advent of "eBooks" and "self-publishing" books I decided to publish my own books.
 I used Amazon's tools to publish my books.
 I ended up with a dilemma, "Free Online Webpages" and "Books for Royalties". 
If I put my webpages in a book, then the book would combine text and computer graphics and that 
would be extremely expensive to publish.
The only thing to do until someone or I came up with a lot of cash was to publish my book as just text.

I was watching a video of a song by, "Big Brother and the Holding Company" called,

"Combination of the Two" and I realized that I could do both.

1. Offer my online Compuer Art and Graphics Free 
2. Sell my "all text" books at Amazon for Royalties.

This page will point to both with links. My last two books are just books. 

Here are the writings with text and graphics.

1. Tomas Stories Link
2. Tomas Muse n' Stories
3. Natasha's Coloring Book

Here are the books for sale at Amazon with royalties for Tom

1. Tomas Stories Link  220 pages
2. Tomas Muse n' Stories  301 pages
3. Lock Keepers Tales: A Lockman's Life     78 pages
4. Mending FUMI Fences (Novella)    39 pages
5. Natasha's Coloring Book  with Grandpa's Help   101 pages