Lock and Dam #50 in 2008

James (Herschel) Belt worked at Dam 50 and Sue Belt drove a yellow school bus, which she parked, at the picnic area parking lot at night, they lived on the dam reservation. I remember that sometimes that the yellow school bus Sue drove back and forth out of the reservation would sometimes hit a hornets nest located high in a tree near the Earl W. (Wally) Rankin house (1st tree across the road). The hornets did not seem to mind the jarring as the school bus passed. The nest was too high for any other vehicles to bother. I would see the bus bump the nest as I came to and from work.

Picnic area.

The far right edge of the gravel is the old road near the parking lot, mail boxes and hydraulic fluid tank.
Near those 3 trees we had a hitching post where the Amish parked their buggies.
photos by Laurel Diaz


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