NARFE Kentucky Federation of Chapters Convention Photos

  Mickey and Joe were selected to be our newest members of
The Kentucky Federation of Chapters Hall of Fame

Tom Reads a Inspiring Prayer

World War II Veteran Clem Szymanski leads us in our Pledge of Allegiance

Amelia and Jim are all smiles.

Gathering and getting ready to start the Convention

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Photos by Laurel Diaz



Active and Retired Federal Employees

Strength through numbers

Our monthly meetings of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) will recognize and celebrate those United States citizens who are dedicating their working lives in the service of their country or who have retired from Federal service, and continue to fight for their rights by being members of NARFE.

We believe that working for the betterment of this country is the proper thing to do.
We continue to believe in these principles by being members of NARFE.
Each month meeting brings a renewed view of our life.
This celebration is a measure of our grateful thanks for these individuals’ long-time
Federal service and to recognize and honor them.
 I ask all members of Congress to join us in this celebration.

 Printable Membership Application
Association is an organization of persons having a common interest.

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

Kentucky Federation of Chapters 45th Annual Federation Convention



Map of Kentucky
North Carolina
West Virginia


Federation Convention
Active Employees
Service Center
Five Presidents
Recruitment Poster
Lunch and Learn


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