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Examples:  Welcome, ranchers, grads, alums and fellow travelers!
Put up your feet and hang awhile!
We, the friends of Morningstar have a message for you.
Help save the Morningstar Ranch!
It's what "Uncle Lou" would have wanted.
You can download the Save Morningstar Ranch PDF Printout right here, especially if you already have a PDF ready system.
If you need a PDF to excell converter you can find that online.


How Do You Apoligize to a Cat

I talked to him as I held him while placing him in a cat carrier and I told him that the vet was going to look at his leg and fix it up for him. I talk to animals a lot; I normally do not get any responses other than a rub on the leg or arm.
   We brought him to the vet and carried him over to the table where after further examination, the vet said he should stay over night.

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