Mending FUMI Fences

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FUMI (Fusion Mending and Isolation) Immediately isolated the structure around the disturbance; FUMI was created in 33; it was part or the 3D printing revolution that was built into building structure. New buildings and new spacecraft incorporated FUMI in their plans. FUMI worked two ways. The first way was by voce command by a Leader or Vehicle Captain. In our emergency the walls around the disturbance isolated the disturbance by flowing structure around the disturbance and isolating the combatants. By 45, Years and years of computer knowledge by Google had evolved the flowing structure machinery built into the walls. This technology had eliminated the SWAT Teams of our histories past.

Guns in buildings were banned by law and as everyone knew that FUMI triggered isolation; that was something that happened by holding a gun indoors. So, laws had changed by a manufacturing structure of FUMI. People found ways to get around that part of the law, but shots fired made isolation work as needed.

Crime just moved away from structure; families and grandparents were safe indoors; Criminals moved out in the open away from structure. Criminals stay away from paddy wagons as they would gather you up quickly.

Alien vessels in space had no way to penetrate an America’s Spacecraft. Shots or lasers fired at our ships were Immediately repaired. Repair crews on theses vessel used SRS (Ship Remote Schematic) remotes. “Beam me up “(Transported back to the Starship Enterprise.) technology was almost impossible because of FUMI.  The problem was solved when the science team gave the problem to the main computer with its 100-year computer science technology.