Lock and Dam #52 Ohio River
The Powerhouse

Lock 52 Powerhouse - The high water mark on the gauge is the water elevation during the 1937 flood.

The Lock

There are two lock chambers at Lock and Dam 52. The upper gates and catwalk of the 1200 foot chamber are right center in this photo. The round cells at right are the walls of the 1200 foot chamber. The towboat with barges is making an approach to the small lock chamber (600 foot).  The Brookport Bridge is seen in the background upstream from the lock and dam. Kentucky is on the far side of the river.

The Dam

In the background we can see the Wicket Dam at Lock and Dam 52. The workboat (Manuverboat) which is steam operated is in the upper far right. Kentucky is in the background. You can see portions of two towboat entering each lock chamber. In the upper chamber (600 foot) we can see the southbound first barge (blue cover top (center right)) entering the chamber. In the foreground we can see the barges of a towboat going upstream in the 1200 foot chamber. ( The way I can tell which way it is going is by viewing rake of the barges in the lower chamber. The rake is higher than the deck of the barge (left center)).

Photos by Ron Shetler

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