Lock and Dam #52 Ohio River
The Maneuver Boat

There is a steam boiler under that smokestack. There is a heavy duty crane at the left of this work boat, heavy duty spuds to steady the boat in deep water. a stern engine to handle 1800 feet of cable attached to the bank to keep our boat steady and tight when lifting. The boat has to maneuver and still hold tight against the dam. Teamwork is essential as is safety.

Here we see the Lock and Dam Operator working the controls of the steam crane. The wooden wickets are at the left side of the manuaverboat/photo. Those are steam lines wrapped in the white insulation and yes it is hot in there.

Another view of the Lock and Dam Operator.

In the back of the boat we have the stern line operator. That large spool at his right holds the 1200 foot of cable that is
                         fastened to the bank to keep the maneuver boat from going around the end of the dam.

Photos by Ron Shetler

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